Friday, July 12, 2013

An We're Off!

I finally figured out why my husband goes into work for a few hours the day we leave town! All these years he claimed it to be "go in for a few and get paid for the day" when it really was "I don't have to pack the car, pick up the house and get the kids ready to go" and avoid the chaos". It's 10:30 am, we are finally driving and I'm exhausted!

The first 5 min in the car we had our first argument! OMG! All because Zack's feet were too close to Emily's personal space. So far the best kid is the 2 year old! He's asleep!

Gas tank has been topped off, Austin Powers is playing for the big kids, I'm thinking of what I forgot to pack while Bryan talks to work guys on the phone. Call after call after call. Not sure how the man gets pipe installed when they call him so much. If this is his normal day, as he says it is, God love him! He hates talking on the phone too.

Day 1 destination - Nashville.


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