Friday, July 19, 2013

Dang it...

And we were so close to having an uneventful trek home. A little rain won't stop this mini van loaded to the gills from getting us home and to bed.

Beware - man on a mission at the wheel!

We have arrived

What a bittersweet arrival to Illinois.

Everytime we leave the South we leave a part of us there.

Guess what!?

It's Barney time again! That purple thing is gonna make me flippin' crazy!

Barney + Graham Crackers = Happy Toddler

Hello Louisville!


We all hate him!

Except Cayden who thinks he is the best!

Zaxby Lunch

All requested a Zaxby lunch today. We gotta take it all in before we get home - no Zaxby's in the Midwest. :(

Cayden tore that restaurant up running everywhere. We let him get all his energy out. Still a long way left to go.

Goodbyes Are Tough

We left our friends this morning. We all hate it, but reality is knocking on our door.

We had fun and we made good memories.

I can't wait to sit on the porch again soon.

Until next year... Bye Y'all!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day in Atlanta

We are all jacked up on Coke Products after a trip to the World of Coke Museum. We tried different kinds if soda from all over the world. Beverly soda from Italy was something we won't soon forget! We left with our own free glass bottle of Coke. Cayden loved the guy dressed up as a Coke polar bear.

The Largest Drive-In Diner "The Varsity" was a great place for lunch. We sat in the classroom where we each ate at our own desk.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Film crew

Jessica (Chubs) photo op

Second time around

Ok so we had to go back thru McIntyre, GA on our way back from the beach. The first time we went to see the Honey Boo Boo house Emily was car sick and didn't get to enjoy the visit. Our second time there the crew was there filming. We met the security guard for the family and the middle daughter Jessica, Chubs.

We probably could have sat and watch all day and they would of let us. Very laid back and didn't care if we were there at all. They actually enjoy the visits from tourists.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Honey Boo Boo!

One of the many highlights of our trip - we visited Honey Boo Boo's house in McIntyre, Georgia. While we were there Sugar Bear came out to talk to us!

He gave us a Smellavision Card for the upcoming episode on Wednesday.

He's a nice guy and told us Alana was in the house sleeping. She doesn't get up before 1pm everyday and stays up all night playing play station.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

In-between rain drops

With rain off and on all day we got some fishing in, a trip to the pool and a few movies.

Perfect Pitch was a hoot!

I think Emily is starting to pick up a Southern accent.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Double date

Daddy's are off to spend an evening with their girls.

The boys and moms were headed to the pool when the skies opened up. Maybe tomorrow.

Just being here makes everything perfect.


A messy car, a kid who smells like puke, a mom who has a headache and needs a glass of wine, a tired driver and two excited big kids! We have made it our favorite place - land of red dirt, kudzu, sweet tea, fried chicken, special friends and southern accents.

Homegrown Sliced Cucumbers

I was going to eat these for lunch today in the car. Dug around in the cooler and couldn't find them! What!

I left them in the hotel, oh I mean"Motel", fridge! Along with the nice Tupperware FridgeSmart container they were in.

Oh well, cleaning lady got my lunch and a nice new container.

A dream come true!!

With a 12 year old pestering us through Indiana then Tennessee we finally stopped at a huge fireworks shop. He "just wanted to look" yeah we know how that goes!

$30 later he's a happy boy. I'm just glad the pestering will stop til next year.


Why must a toddler puke in a car seat!?

He was completely fine eating an apple and whamo - puke everywhere!

2 hours and 41 minutes left - I need a shower and a glass of wine!

Friday, July 12, 2013

9:30 Pool Dip

We came, they swam, we left.

Goodnight Tennessee!

The madness has ended for the day!

Well, maybe car madness. We have moved on to hotel madness.

Oh and I wouldn't call this a hotel. It's more of a motel. All hotels were sold out for a softball tournament. So we thought a Ramada would be safe. It's "Borderline Motel" as Zack put it. I agree. Boo Ramada!

Are we there yet?!!

40 miles to go for completion of day 1.

Not sure we can do this again tomorrow!!

Barney Alert!

We've hit Deathcom Level 1 and had to pull out the Barney DVD. He's glued!

I-65 Louisville

The three amigos just hangin' out.
Big shout out to the genius who put DVD's in vehicles!


So we pick, of all days, to eat lunch at Chic Fil A. It's Cow Appreciation Day today! The joint was full of humans dressed as cows so they could get a free lunch.

I walked out with a souvenir - a cow hat!

I will wear it proudly in support of all beef we pass on the road today. It works well with the obnoxious sunglasses Emily lent me because Cayden broke my only pair minutes before departing for this lovely adventure.

One Eyed Willie (Goonies) and the kids are bonding well.


"WOW" was Caydens response to seeing the windmills in Indiana.

Hello Indiana!

An We're Off!

I finally figured out why my husband goes into work for a few hours the day we leave town! All these years he claimed it to be "go in for a few and get paid for the day" when it really was "I don't have to pack the car, pick up the house and get the kids ready to go" and avoid the chaos". It's 10:30 am, we are finally driving and I'm exhausted!

The first 5 min in the car we had our first argument! OMG! All because Zack's feet were too close to Emily's personal space. So far the best kid is the 2 year old! He's asleep!

Gas tank has been topped off, Austin Powers is playing for the big kids, I'm thinking of what I forgot to pack while Bryan talks to work guys on the phone. Call after call after call. Not sure how the man gets pipe installed when they call him so much. If this is his normal day, as he says it is, God love him! He hates talking on the phone too.

Day 1 destination - Nashville.