Monday, January 7, 2008

Crazy Eight!

So, I'm trying to be a good mom and help Emily with writing her numbers. She has her Kindergarten workbook out and asks me for help. We sit down and do page after page. We get to the numbers page, where she has to trace the numbers 1-10. She does rather well with this until we get to number eight! I explain to her the way to do it, start at the top, make an "s" and go back up to the top again. She says "Woha, I'm sure glad the pencil has to go on that ride and not me!"

I tell you, I'm not that creative with words, she must get it from her daddy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome 2008!

We had a laid back evening with good friends. Shared dinner and drinks and good laughs. We celebrated New York's New Year with the kids and then headed home. Emily had a blast throwing the confetti she has been cutting for weeks. Nonnie and I helped her the night before to give her a little extra. She brought it with and shared it with all her friends. Here she is with her "New Pose" that she does on every photo now. She saw a photo of Abbygirl with her head tilted and loved it. She said "I'm going to turn my head like that Mom, it's cute." So we have the "head tilt".

New Year Snow Bliss

Since about 9am on New Years Eve till this morning it has snowed straight through. We picked up about 4 inches over the course of a few days and the kids are thrilled. Zack especially because of his new snow board his Auntie gave him. He got to try it out a few days ago on the big hill in town, but the snow was good packing snow and it wasn't working well with the board. The snow yesterday was perfect on the "Nothead Hill"! He loved it.