Thursday, December 18, 2014


6 pm
Tuscola, IL

We stopped for dinner and potty break #2. Cayden - "I wanna go pee pees potty at Old McDonald's dad!" The big kids raced inside with full bladders and empty stomachs. Once in the ladies room emily informed to NOT enter the handicap stall. Not sure why but I didn't want to find out - we waited. Cayden went into panic mode when the old lady triggered the hand dryer. With ears covered it was now his turn. He walks in a immediately looks for the button. The flush button, he button he loves to touch. I gotta teach him how to get that for up there! We finish and move on to the sinks. Overall pretty clean. The hand dryer situation was enough to get us outta there fast for fear it would turn on again. That being said we all left with dripping wet hands.

After McDinner I decided to go potty again. It's what I do on road trips. My bladder and my husband's drive to get there don't mix well. This time I was kid free. Without details - I broke the tp holder. Not sure how, it fell apart off the wall on to the floor. Huge crash, huge roll rolling away, tp everywhere. Due to germs I left it. Pushed it over to the side and got the heck outta there. 

Thanks Old Mcdonald for the facilities that are loud and break on a whim. 

5 minutes into the trip


2014 Christmas Road trip to Florida

I decided to have some fun and blog about our adventures with public restrooms from Illinois to Florida.
Future entries will contain a photo, but the first stop I didn't get a photo due to wanting to get the heck outta there and not knowing I was going to do this. 

Enjoy the Nottke adventures for the next day or so. 

Entry #1
1.5 hour into trip
Bathroom stop #1
Clifton, IL
Circle K gas station
A one person pee stop. I had to go! Didn't drink anything but apparently a car ride triggers pee. It was an uneventful stop. Place smelt of donuts. Bathroom was an unoccupied dirty place. I chose the handicapped stall, it looked the most clean. The other one had a no flusher in the toilet. Gotta avoid those if at all possible. Paper roll was in proper working order and full. Paper was on the floor and the side of the toliet appeared to have mud on it. Hmmm how did mud get on a toliet, yeah no mud but poopie!  I didn't touch a damn thing after that sight. Used my sleeves for everything! Thank God I can still get my foot up high enough to flush or I would have left it a no flusher too. Soap was in abundance and water was in working condition. There is a God! Left that place in the dust as soon as I could. Bladder is thanking me now. Cayden stayed asleep and all are still in quiet mode.