Thursday, January 7, 2010

So, I haven't posted in over a year - I know, I know - how terrible is that!!

Well, the kids are older, we have 2 new dogs and things are about the same.

We are covered in a fresh new coat of "frosting" outside as Em likes to call it. Z is thrilled that he can go sledding with Uncle J. I am too - I don't have to take him! Mom and the cold just don't mix well.

Tanner only goes out when he has to, but Sam (the little one) likes to bark at every snowflake that falls - and for hours if we let him! We tried to put doggie boots on him - that didn't go so well! I returned them! We recently hurried to get the new puppy "fixed" due to the children asking why he humps things! Daddy explained to him that that is kissing for dogs! Great explanation Dad!! They looked at him like "What??" I did the same!

Em wants to be homeschooled cause "I miss you too much mommy!" and according to her "you don't even have to be a teacher to do it!" Well, you do have to be dedicated and have a ton of patience - and a desire to have your youngest home all day with you. Yeah - it's NOT gonna happen!!

I can't seem to keep us with the mounds of laundry that ruin my days. I guess that is better than a full-time job out of the house. I just wish the Laundry Gods would pay me per load!

More soon - I promise I won't take a year break!

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