Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Chaos

We came through another Christmas just like the rest, inundated with toys! The kids got everything they asked Santa for and more. Emily slept in the log cabin last night. The log cabin playhouse that B and I gave her and Zack. She loaded it all up yesterday with her baby entourage and left it. She said she was "setting it up", well Zack wanted to play shooters in there and couldn't "set up his sniper shot because of all the junk in the way". I'm ready for the house to go outside in the cold; I can't hear them fight out there.

Zack got a long shot nerf gun from Santa, the thing is bigger than him! He loves it of course. There are foam bullets all over the house. His Cece got him a remote control pickup truck that is the size of Europe. He wants to put his 1 year old cousin in the back and drive her around. Santa also brought him a new bike, but he could care less about that.

Christmas morning went like this: wakeup to an annoying alarm clock that B got and set up the night before but didn't know the alarm was set for 7 am. The alarm wakes everyone, because we can't figure out how to turn it off! Send everyone back to bed till it's light outside. Which is 15 minutes later! The troops race down the stairs to see what Santa brings. Joy everywhere! This leads into present opening about 10 minutes later, followed by a nerf gun fight with dad. I in the meantime help Emily prepare baby food for Baby Alive "that poops and pees and talks" as she says. This doll eats food that looks likes baby food. So we proceed to feed her Peas and a bottle of water when the doll asks for a drink. "Mommy I'm thirsty", "Mommy I'm hungry". We get all the food in and about 2 bottles of water, Emily sits her up and the doll says "Un Oh, I think I made a stinky!" While lakes of green pea water pour from her diaper that obviously is not a Huggies. Emily and I laugh hystarically as I scream for her to go get the baby wipes to clean her childs poop up. After that is cleaned up, I continue to try and pick up the house, which I have been trying to do since the gun fight, but I had to stop to open something or set up something. The minutes keep ticking by and before I know it it's 10am and we need to be out the door by 11am. So I put it into overdrive and just turn around to find the kids eating breakfast in between playing with their moon sand Santa brought. I asked them how their gritty blueberry muffins were, but they didn't answer and just looked at me like I didn't know what I was talking about.

Needless to say, we made it out of the house by 11:15 on our way to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Grandma and Papa's house. Oh, and we came home with more stuff!

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